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  1. Here's some more photos from Wednesday night's music promo shoot with Metalheadz Amit and our bruisers. Photos by Oli Martin.



    Production manager and general super-fixer - Gav O'Malley Richardson


    Bruiser Damon and Amit


    Luke and Damon listening to Amit waxing lyrical about lyrical wax... I think.


    Beardy director Evan


    Squaring up.


    Thanks to Gav for the smoke machine!


    Snatch opening credits, anyone?


    Dance music meastro Amit looking dangerous.

  2. After a long and very entertaining night with our bruisers Damon and Pete - here are some teaser pics of our video production of "Killer Driller" by Metalheadz star and dance music maestro Amit.

    Our insurance people were relieved to hear that the boxers didn't end up getting their heads totally pumbled in - but the fire alarm was set off during the final set up by the amount of smoke our superstar production manager Gav O'Malley was wafting around! More pics to follow.






  3. rio-olympic-site_2306317b

    We didn't know when we were up shooting our Olympic video with Aecom recently, but we had a world exclusive of the Rio 2016 Olympic Park - 2 months before it is being shown off the newspapers!

    We met with various important Aecom big wigs, including the Olympic statium designer himself - you can see our video production for them here.

    You can read more about the Sun's "exclusive" here.  ;)

    *We're not 100% it was a world exlcusive - but it's jolly well beaten all the papers!

  4. vzaar

    Vzaar is a fantastically versatile video platform which we use to host all of our corporate video productions. We were delighted to be the first video production company to be interviewed and featured in a case study on Vzaar's website.

    Vzaar is considered to be the best, most flexible platform available for companies to host video - a sign of how well regarded they are is the fact that Oliver Stone is a major investor.

    You can see the case study here.

  5. stop watch

    In 2012, everybody is in a hurry. We don’t have the luxury of time in our caffeine fuelled lifestyles. This need for speed is pervasive in every aspect of life, from meeting people socially for the first time and drawing our conclusions, to business meetings and particularly in our online lives. We surf, we shop, we search - we intake information at a blinding rate. If the information we are ingesting isn’t to our satisfaction, we have the ability to close the screen or cancel the shopping basket.

    This is certainly the case with corporate videos online. Many clients come to us with grand plans of producing a 20 minute masterpiece which covers all sort of aspects of their business. From USPs to instructional aspects of equipment to senior exec interviews or training – clients assume that their customers will sit at their desktops ad finitum and lap it all up.

    The reality though is that people rarely are prepared to take the entirety of the client’s epic vision in one sitting. No matter how existing or stimulating the content is to you, the reality is that your end customer is probably switching off after a few seconds.  Here at Butchers Hook, we always advise clients during the scripting and preproduction stage to keep it brief.

    Having a series of short, snappy videos is far and away the preferred option in our experience. One to one and a half minutes is the ideal length to fluently cover one aspect or USP of your organisation. The other advantage of keeping it short, specific and to one point is that the content can be shareable, and people will be more inclined to share it if the content is well marked and useful.

    Some recent examples of point specific web videos are the How to Videos we recently produced for SanDisk. These cover one element of a SanDisk product and show and engage the viewer with a useful snippet of information. These videos have been put on SanDisk’s branded Amazon pages. As anyone who’s visited Amazon will attest – it’s very easy to get waylaid and takes something pretty special to engage you on a page.

    You can see the videos here.

    Luke is the senior Producer of Butchers Hook Video – a premium quality video production company and marketing agency.

  6. aecom

    Further to the video we produced for Aecom for their Olympic and Mega Projects strand, we filmed various other senior execs talking about similar issues. These interviews were cut together by Aecom's internal video producer and can be seen on their global website here.

    Our orginal video can be seen here.

    Butchers Hook Video is a premium video production company catering for both corporate and SMEs who want their corporate video productions to look better than the norm.

  7. Corporate video production is big news in the world of business at the moment. With every quicker broadband speeds, it is possible for your client to receive beautiful high definition video content to their computer, tablet or phone. Which every organisation should be aware of is that professional quality video is a difficult thing to achieve, and as with most other fashionable industries, has its fair share of shysters.

    This article will cover a number of different important aspects to think about to ensure that you hire the right video production company.

    Company history

    The first element which would be wise would be to investigate the company itself.

    How long has the company been incorporated? Clearly the longer the company has been around for, the more established it is and more likely it is that they know what they are doing and will be able to carry out the most professional job possible.

     What is the credit rating like? (It’s possible to look into the credit background of any company by registering with services like Barclay’s Credit Focus).

    What about the company directors? What are there independent backgrounds? It is an unfortunate reality of the corporate video industry that a lot of people graduate from a film or media studies degree and set up shop as a production company, with little or no real world experience – let alone corporate.

    Here at Butchers Hook all have at least 10 years strong background in film, video and advertising. You can read more about us on our About us page.

    It’s fair to point out that the size of the company is no reflection of quality, indeed there are many 1 and 2 man bands who are very professional and bring in able freelancers to fill out production quotas to their client’s satisfaction.


    Furtherly it is important to consider the clients that the company has produced work for in the past.

    Can the company provide testimonials? Testimonials are the life blood for any company and they should be able to provide current testimonials and contact details for the testimonials so you can carry out your own investigations.

    How much repeat custom does the company get? A difficult one to gauge, but a very interesting litmus test for the successfulness of a video production company and their ability to retain clients. The nature of web video means that there is the potential for lots of video to be made, do the clients keep coming back for more? (They do with us – we have a near 100% repeat business rate)

    Their work

    One of the easiest ways of gauging the quality of a production company is to look at their body of work. Huge rafts of corporate videos are unfortunately still, in 2012 cheesy, badly conceived and embarrassing. Look out for production companies that can produce material that looks professional, is coherent and that gets the message across. You can see lots of our work here.

    We would also suggest looking at the quality of their online presence as being a good indicator of commitment and dedication to their public image. I.e. if their website is rubbish – so are they probably!

    Another contentious issue as far as video production is price. No matter which way you cut it, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys! There are so many elements of video production that require skilled technicians and expensive equipment to get the best results, that cutting corners REALLY shows.

    Please don’t be tempting by doing it cheap – cheapness reflects badly on you and your organisation.

    To conclude – a quick meat based analogy (we are Butchers Hook after all). Which would provide the best meal? A Tesco basics range Steak and Kidney pie retailing at £1.50 or a Tesco finest retailing at £7? The basics range would be pastry and gravy and not very much meat (meat costs money) where as a Tesco Finest would have lots of meat, quality grave and pastry.

    And would taste a lot better!

    You get what you pay for!

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