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Search Engine Optimisation is the practice of gearing your website up in such a way that it is appealing to the Search Engines.The more appealing your site, the further up the natural search results it will appear and the more traffic and custom you will achieve.

The SEO industry is needlessly caught up in mystery and machination - but here at Butchers Hook - we are keen to make it as straight forward as possible. We have a team of industry leading SEO experts that will help you from laying the foundations of your website in such a way that it is SEO-friendly as possible to building links and the myriad of other options as how to achieve first page rankings.

How it works

Good SEO works right from the genesis of a website. Ideally, you should build your website with SEO in mind - from the foundations up. Firstly we discover which are the best possible key terms to drive as much quality traffic as possible to your website. A good understanding of your competitors and their key terms and methods are vital at this point too. Next we assist with website copy (to ensure that it's keyword rich and well written) and start establishing authoritative links to your site as well as various other techniques to improve your ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)


It's important to be patient with SEO. Quick results are only possible with "black hat" methods - employing methods like spamming which are frowned upon by the Search Engines and can result in your site being penalised. We only use "white hat" methods here at Butchers Hook, to ensure not only that your site reaches the first page - but that you can be confident that it will stay there for a long time.

Feedback is another area which we pride ourselves on. We ensure to keep our clients fully briefed as the campaign goes forward, with monthly progress reports and full transparency.

Social Media

The complimenting other side to the SEO coin is of course Social Media. Having a good presence on the likes of Twitter and Facebook is essential too for your companies 21st century profile. We can run campaigns on these platforms, as well as the wealth of other sites such as Stumbled Upon and Reddit that can greatly enhance your online presence.

SEO and Video

SEO and Social Media also dove tail nicely into the world of video marketing. Video itself can be well optomised using techniques forged from SEO - including using the video to gain back links and video seeding.

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Recent Work


SanDisk return to Butchers Hook for a series of 'How to' videos which will feature on their branded pages on Amazon.com.

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Killer Driller

We teamed up with Goldie's Metalheadz record label to produce a music promo for Amit, a star of the bassy music scene.

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Canopies UK

Butchers Hook won the contract to produce a TV advert in conjunction with a Sevenoaks media company for Canopies UK.

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Another of our delighted returning clients - this time with a promotional video for their new Eco Pro series of boilers.

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